Lung Cancer Video Library - Multiplex Testing for Rare Mutations: What Are the Potential Benefits?



More and more, when people are doing molecular testing on their tumor, they’re not just getting one test and if it’s negative doing another test — that’s called sequential testing, they’re doing lots of tests at the same time — that’s called multiplex testing. There are certain good things about that and certain things which are less than good.

Lesser Known Lung Cancer Mutations Part 2: BRAF inhibitors as another targeted therapy bullseye?


Recently, I described the rationale for targeting HER2 mutations in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Most of our experience with HER2 targeted therapy comes from studies in breast cancer. Now, I'd like to introduce you to BRAF, another novel target in NSCLC that is a central component in cell signalling, growth, and division.

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