Why is Chemotherapy a Recommended Part of the Treatment Plan for Most Patients with Lung Cancer, even Early Stage?


Here's a brief video just discussing the rationale for why a systemic treatment like chemotherapy is recommended not only as the cornerstone of treatment for advanced lung cancers, which makes intuitive sense, but also for the majority of patients with earlier stages of lung cancer as well.


I hope it's helpful.

Playing “Whack a Mole”: Exploring the Molecular Heterogeneity of Lung Cancer


Mrs. M was a 46 year-old woman who, despite having never smoked, was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung. She had a nice initial response to chemotherapy, and when she eventually progressed, she was treated with Iressa (an EGFR inhibitor similar to Tarceva which is no longer available in the US). To both her and her doctor’s delight, she had near resolution of her lung mass and most of her liver lesions after 2 months on Iressa. Unfortunately, after remaining stable for 10 months, her restaging CT scan showed one lesion in the liver was growing.

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