5 Key Points on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors for Lung Cancer: Game Changer or Just Leveling Up?


Just last week, I ranked the development of immunotherapies as the leading development in lung cancer in 2013. I don't consider 2013 to be the clear turning point for immunotherapies in lung cancer: they have been the subject of interest and research for many years, and ASCO 2012 really marks their breakout from niche idea to more widespread credibility. But if 2012 was the real launchpad, 2013 saw the rocket really take off. The question is where is it really going?

High Profile Failure for Stimuvax: What Does it Mean for the Future of Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer?


Here's a video I just did on the disappointing results of the START trial with Stimuvax, an immunotherapy that was very promising but didn't actually pan out, but why might that have happened, and what does it mean for the future, with other clinical trials with prominent immune-based treatments that have also looked promising in lung cancer?


What do you think? Are you optimistic about Lucanix and the MAGE-A3 trial?

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