Dr. David Spigel: How Do You Discuss the Pros and Cons of Molecular Testing, with Potential Delays and Need for Rebiopsy?


David Spigel, Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, reviews how he discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages waiting on molecular marker results and sometimes seeking additional tissue in patients with advanced NSCLC.


Dr. Leighl's Highlights in Lung Cancer from 2012: MEK Inhibitor Therapy for KRAS Mutation-Positive NSCLC


Pre and post MEKiThe next portion of Dr. Leighl's "Highlights of Lung Cancer from 2012" webinar focused on exciting research presented at ASCO 2012 and very recently published on the potential efficacy of a new class of targeted therapy, called MEK inhibitors, for the large subset of patients who have a KRAS mutation.

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