When might local therapy be a good choice for someone with metastatic lung cancer?


I've mentioned in posts in the past about the settings in which local therapy might be appropriate for someone even when we know the cancer is advanced/metastatic.  Here's a brief video that discusses some of these issues, including a situation in which the local treatment isn't specifically aimed at addressing a symptom, as is the usual reason for treating with local therapy for metastatic cancer, but is rather what I'd consider the "Get the Lead Runner" strategy:


I'm interested in your thoughts.

A Case of a 36 Year-Old Never-Smoking Woman with Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the lung


With all this recent talk about never-smokers with lung cancer, and the interest in stories of patients with so-called “oligometastatic” cancer (minimal metastatic burden to perhaps a single site), I thought I would describe a recent case in my clinic as an illustration of how I use this information in everyday decision making.