Why "He told me I have a year to live" Makes Me Grit My Teeth: You (the Patient) are Not a Number!


Last Friday I saw a patient in clinic who was referred to me after presenting to the emergency room with shortness of breath. He has a large pleural effusion, and eventually needed a thoracoscopic surgery to drain the effusion and pleurodese the lung (this eliminates the space around the lung so no fluid can collect there).

Is Number of Positive Lymph Nodes in Resected NSCLC Important for Prognosis?


At this year's ASCO meeting, I had the opportunity to review and provide commentary on several presentations from other researchers, all on the topic of how to refine our ability to predict how patients will do after surgery for stage I - IIIA NSCLC, with an idea that this information can help guide decisions about who should receive chemo and who shouldn't.

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