ASCO 2016 - Can Online Patient Groups Speed The Development Of New Targeted Therapies?


GRACE is happy to present the 2nd in our series ASCO 2016 Lung Cancer Roundtable, Highlights and New Approaches in Lung Cancer.  Featuring Jack West, MD, Janet Freeman-Daily, Everett Vokes, MD, and Suresh Ramalingam, MD, this roundtable discussion, moderated by Dr. West, highlights the newest and most intriguing discussions from ASCO 2016.

Lung Cancer Tweet Chat: Cultivating Our Sense of an Online LC Community


I've written here before about the potential benefits of people joining Twitter ( as a tool to share more than just trivial information about what you're eating for  lunch or your random musings while in the line at the bank.  I have met many remarkable people through Twitter and learned an incredible amount of very timely information from what I've seen in the "twitter streams" from people and organizations I follow. I also use it to share the latest results in real time on important trials being presented at medical meetings.