Modifying Factors: Should Patients with Smaller Resected Node-Negative NSCLC Tumors Receive Adjuvant Chemo?


While post-operative chemotherapy for early stage NSCLC is a well-established standard for relatively healthy patients with stage II or higher resected cancers, the question of whether adjuvant chemotherapy is more likely to help or hurt a patient remains more a matter of debate.

Challenging Cases Podcast: Experts Weigh in on Adjuvant Chemo Option for Smaller Node-Negative NSCLC with Some Higher Risk Features


Continuing with this series of case-based podcasts we've done in partnership with LUNGevity, we'll again have a series of experts offer their own perspective to another challenging scenario. All are with the same format of me hosting and presenting the case to Drs. Bob Doebele from University of Colorado and Jyoti Patel from Northwestern University, who participated in the live webinar version of this, then followed in the recording by other terrific colleagues of mine weighing on the same case. These experts are:

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