Case Discussion with Dr. Nasser Hanna: Managing Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer


Here is the last case I discussed several months ago with Dr. Nasser Hanna, lung cancer expert at Indiana University. After two cases that included never or light former smokers, which he joked that I saw far more of than he did, we changed direction to cover current issues in managing extensive stage small cell lung cancer, a field in which he's been a leader.


Interview with Dr. Toni Wozniak, Covering SCLC Basics


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Toni Wozniak, Moedical Oncologist and lung cancer expert at the Barbara A. Karmanos Cancer Center at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. We covered several topics, including SCLC, the subject of this podcast. It is an audio interview but includes a few figures that are synchronized with the audio on the video version, or you can download the pdf of the figures and just follow along with the audio.


Oral Topotecan FDA Approved in US for Second Line SCLC


This bit of news slipped under the radar for the past six weeks, but oral topotecan was approved by the FDA for the treatment of SCLC that has recurred at least 45 days after the last chemotherapy had been given. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I hadn't noted this, but it really got very little airplay. Part of it is that topotecan was already available and approved for recurrent SCLC in its IV form.

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