Balancing Risks of Undertreatment vs. Overtreatment of Locally Advanced NSCLC


Our multidisciplinary thoracic oncology tumor board is dynamic and a highlight of the week, facilitated in equal parts by the fact that our group genuinely enjoys each other’s company and that it is the source of some engaging debate about the potential best way to manage several complex scenarios in lung cancer.

Video Presentation on Management Options for Stage IIIA NSCLC


With special thanks to the support of the Lung Cancer Connection and longtime member and friend of GRACE Myrtle Chidester, I am very happy to offer a new video podcast presentation on one of the most controversial and interesting areas of lung cancer management. Stage IIIA NSCLC with N2 mediastinal node involvement generates debates among the experts as well as at local hospital tumor boards everywhere, on a weekly basis.

Trimodality Therapy (Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation) for Malignant Mesothelioma: Can Some Patients actually be Cured?


Malignant mesothelioma is a relatively rare but particularly deadly malignancy that arises from the lining of the pleural (chest) cavity or peritoneal (abdominal) cavity. About 70% of cases of mesothelioma are directly related to asbestos exposure, usually with about 30 or 40 years between exposure and diagnosis. While there are only about 2200 cases per year in the USA, this number is expected to increase over the next decade, as workers exposed to asbestos earlier in their lives eventually begin to manifest symptoms of the malignancy.

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