Modifying Factors: Should Patients with Smaller Resected Node-Negative NSCLC Tumors Receive Adjuvant Chemo?


While post-operative chemotherapy for early stage NSCLC is a well-established standard for relatively healthy patients with stage II or higher resected cancers, the question of whether adjuvant chemotherapy is more likely to help or hurt a patient remains more a matter of debate.

Stereotactic Lung Radiotherapy (SBRT) vs. Wedge Resection for Stage I NSCLC


The subject of stereotactic lung radiotherapy (SBRT) for cure of stage I disease has been extensively covered on GRACE with good cause: we may be witnessing a major change in how we treat early stage cancer. Multiple strategies for improved surveillance are being developed, and hopefully one or more will be successful, resulting in more frequent detection of early stage disease. If so, we will have what my mentor calls a “delicious dilemma” – what is the best way to cure these early-stage patients?

Types of Lung Cancer Resection: From Pneumonectomy to Wedge Resection


Surgery is the standard treatment for early stage lung cancer, sometimes also including other types of threrapy in addition. There are many types of lung cancer surgery, and there is still active debate about whether a pneumonectomy or lobectomy should be the preferred surgery for lung cancer, or whether a sub-lobar resection, either a segmentectomy or a wedge resection, is appropriate for certain patients. We need to start with some definitions.

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