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Sun, 03/17/2013 - 10:19
Dr West

I just wanted to start a thread specifically welcoming oncology nurse Ashley Doherty, RN (member name adohertyRN), one of my favorites where I work, who is very interested in helping answer questions on GRACE.

Here's her summary of the highlights from her bio:

"I've been an Inpatient Oncology RN for five years at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. I am the skin care representative of my Oncology Medical floor, which entails teaching my peers about new products, actions and policies that help prevent pressure ulcers and wounds associated with disease processes, treatments and hospital stays. I currently am collaborating with a social worker at Swedish to develop a hospital wide guide for our caregivers along with outpatient classes to help them manage central lines, medications, and anything pertinent that comes with providing care to a loved one. I currently am in school to receive my Masters in Public Health. I have traveled to multiple regions in the world, and volunteered for nursing clinics in the jungles of Peru, South America and recently taught nursing in Hanoi, Vietnam. With cancer having no boundaries, I have seen the devastation it brings to third world countries and hope with my advanced degree I will be able to bring education and resources to those struggling nations."

I'm looking forward to having her participate. I think she's going to be a great addition to our community.

-Dr. West

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