Vintafolide - 1262897

Fri, 03/21/2014 - 11:51

Here's some positive news, but again, need to be cautiously optimistic. Look forward to hearing more about this drug.…


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Dr West

I think both the optimism and the caution are appropriate. It's a phase II trial, and unfortunately we've seen MANY very encouraging phase II trials fail to translate to a real benefit in a larger phase III trial (think MAGE A3 vaccine, Stimuvax, METMAb, tivantinib, and more). At the same time, the endpoint of an improvement in progression-free survival that was touted here is less compelling than an improvement in overall survival. Nevertheless, this is certainly encouraging, and some of the drugs that look promising in phase II studies actually prove to be significantly beneficial in phase III trials as well.

This agent is definitely one to watch.

-Dr. West