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As a healthcare provider, I have used the web to thoroughly research medical conditions for many years in an effort to help my patients, family members, and colleagues. Now I'm the patient. Never have I run across a site such as this for any medical condition. It is a rare blend of professionalism, knowledge, compassion and dedication that brings patients and physicians together in a way that makes the most incredible difference to all who participate. The information available and the willingness the physicians have to address patients & families' questions and concerns undoubtedly fuel a continued sense of hope and determination, much needed ingredients in tackling cancer of any type.

To Dr. West and your colleagues, thank you very much for what you offer to so many around the globe. Remarkable doesn't quite capture it.


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I want to echo my profound appreciation. My parent's passing was rough, but the lowest point of my life was the initial few weeks of my wife's diagnosis. Panic, despair and stress at levels I was having trouble dealing with.

During that time, I found this site. While this site won't cure my wife's cancer, it has to a degree I can't express adequately relieved my stress and anxiety. At least I have learnt what we are up against.

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I totally agree with you Tom, the first 6 months was VERY tough. As my wife's advocator, I felt so helpless. Everything was so new and foreign. This site enabled me to educate myself and begin to empower myself in the role of advocator. Big thanks to the doctors, moderators, and survivors for your contribution to the knowledge base!!!!!

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Dr. West,
I'm so glad my comment helped to confirm you and the GRACE community have built just what you hoped to build. I\'m very thankful for your presence, and as you can see, I\'m certainly not alone in that sentiment. It really is a model for any website dedicated to educating not only the patient community, but the professional community, for any given medical condition. While it might be difficult to empirically validate, I have little doubt that many patients here end up with better treatment and outcomes as a direct result of your efforts.

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I agree, there is no other site quite like GRACE! It helped me tremendously during my husbands journey. It did feel good to go to his appts armed with knowledge and ask questions regarding his care and treatment based on that knowledge. It was also very helpful to have so much support during that most difficult part of our lives. Thank you to Dr West and all that take part in making GRACE what it is!

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These messages honestly bring a tear to my eye - even though I am not part of the faculty at GRACE, I am sincerely proud to be even a small part of this organization. And indeed - GRACE helped me as well when my friend's journey was pressing down on all of us, so thank you all - the community as well - for being there for each other.

Operations Director for GRACE. Have worked with since July 2009.  Became involved as a caregiver to my best friend, and quickly came to see that GRACE is filling a need in the area of cancer education.