17 Nodules Bilateral and enlarge Lymph node - 1266447


I have 17 multiple bilateral lung nodules measuring from 8 to 10 mm and 1 lymph node that is 13 mm. I did have a pet scan and the uptake was 2 on all the nodules and 3.5 on the lymph node. My next ct is in 6 weeks. Just wondering if this is alot of nodules. These are all non calcified. I also from time to time have shortness of breath.



Hi judea, I"m sorry you have these nodules to worry about. It's possible that they stem from an infection though 17 sounds like a lot I don't know. I'll make sure an oncologist comments by days end.

I hope these prove to be nothing but I also know that time really is the only way to find out and send hope and peace for the waiting.

All best,

Dr West
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Yes, that's a lot of nodules, and the fact that they have some, even low level PET avidity is concerning. However, these findings could certainly represent infection or inflammation -- the key is whether these nodules grow or not. Alternatively, the fastest way to get an answer would be to obtain a biopsy.

Good luck.

-Dr. West