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I'm not sure if this is my place, but I wanted to let our GRACE Family know that we lost one of our best today. Debra's son, Mike, has posted on Facebook that she passed away today "in no pain and sleeping peacefully".

I feel so blessed to have called her my friend and I will miss her terribly.


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I saw this post also, Sherry, thanks for letting everyone know. It is truly a huge loss. Felt deeply by all of us. So sorry for everyone, we all learned so much from Debra. She was an amazing person, and made a huge impact in so many lives.

Operations Director for GRACE. Have worked with since July 2009.  Became involved as a caregiver to my best friend, and quickly came to see that GRACE is filling a need in the area of cancer education. 

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Yes, Denise. She will truly be missed. We've exchanged so many private messages that I feel like I really knew her in real life. I admit that this is one of those moments when I'm truly having a hard time "holding my nerve". My prayers go out to her family, especially to her granddaughter whom she loved so much.

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Oh Sherry, yes, this is a tough one. I don't know what can be said that is a comfort. Loss is terribly terribly hard. As too many people here know. This hits very very close to home.

Hold your loved ones tight and cherish every moment you have with them; there is nothing more important.

Operations Director for GRACE. Have worked with since July 2009.  Became involved as a caregiver to my best friend, and quickly came to see that GRACE is filling a need in the area of cancer education. 

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It's taken me a bit of time to try to respond to this sad news, and I still don't know what to say. I've come to know many GRACE members over the years, but I vividly remember when Debra joined GRACE. It was clear from the beginning that hers was a unique voice, and that she was a special person. She made us smile and laugh and jump for joy at her successes. Sometimes she made us cry, though we knew she was never asking for our tears or sympathy. We were all touched by her grace and courage in dealing with her cancer and other health issues, but Debra would have none of that. To her, she was just living through it all the only way she knew how, with perspective and good humor.

Once again, lung cancer has taken one of the very good ones from us. We will miss you dearly, Debra.

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Good bye Debra - you were a one-of-a-kind lady and I put the emphasis on kind. You taught us all so much about dealing with adversity and maintaining a sense of dignity, pragmatism, and your fierce sense of humor which was the glue that held it all (including us) together. If we can all leave this temporal world as gracefully as you we will have done good. Debra you did good and I am lucky to have had an association, albeit brief, with you. See you on the other side. I think Hemingway said that the definition of greatness was "grace under pressure". If that is correct you were a great woman. You set the bar for the rest of us. Good bye dear lady. Bob4Beth

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Thanks for posting a link to this thread in New New Plan.

This is very, very sad news. Debra was a wonderful soul. She was a very special person and friend to me here even when going through her own trials. I will always be grateful to her for her support, encouragement and for being herself.

I will always remember her journey with great admiration, what a wonderful person she is and how lucky am I to have known her.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam (May her soul rest in peace)


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I am so sorry to read of Deb's passing. She was a wonderfully strong and took on cancer with a sense of humor, which is very hard to do. My sincere condolences to her family. RIP Deb!
Take care, Judy

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I'm totally heartbroken over the news of Debra's passing. She always always always was such a great source of comfort to all of us GRACERS...So full of kindness and love. She genuinely cared about each one of us here. As with Ned and Simon and Stephanie and Judy and Jazz (etc.), her voice will be sorely missed here. This loss is going to be very very very difficult to recover from...

With a heavy heart and soul,


I just told Don of our loss, about how absolutely genuine Debra was, about how brilliantly courageous she lived her life with cancer. Like others, too many of them now gone double trouble helped me understand who my husband is today, about the horrors of living with stage IV lung cancer. Debra was a true hero here on Grace, helping others understand not only what options were available but also lending emotional support and teaching loved ones to better understand what those with cancer are going through. She epitomized the ideal Grace is meant to be. Debra will live on through her contributions here and Grace is so much better for it.

I lost a friend and my heart is very heavy. I send my condolences to her son Mike, her best friend Lisa and her good granddaughter who all made her life such a awesome adventure.

Debra, you will be so missed but I’m consoled to know everything is ok for you now.

Much love,

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Although Debra had always wanted us to take the knowledge that this day must come in our stride, I can't help but still feel overwhelmed by her having left us.

I joined this community three years ago; Debra is truly among the most spirited and generous Gracers. She fought the disease with dignity, humility and above all, grace. I truly regret not having communicated more with her before this. Somehow, I was hoping she would bounce back like she always does.

Rest now Debra. You will forever be in our hearts.

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It is a shame how people can seem like they are managing okay and then a few weeks later they are no longer with us. But since everyone dies eventually, it is a blessing when we can pass without much distress or for long.

We'll miss Debra's voice here. She was a remarkable person and an admirable "trooper" through challenges both medical and non-medical.

Best hopes,

Craig in PA

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Debra's presence here will be profoundly felt. She quickly became a friend to me after I joined GRACE almost 3 years ago. I had posted one of those "we cant answer" questions and felt silly about it after. She sent me a private message that made me feel better about the whole thing and that really touched me. As Laya said, Debra provided so much comfort to everyone here! She was a wonderful, wonderful lady and I am proud that I was able to call her a friend!

This disease is so relentless and takes away so many good people. Just as you think someone is doing so well and fighting back this monster, it overtakes them and they are gone!!! I've seen it to many times, starting with my husband. My thoughts are always with everyone here at GRACE....

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I am at a loss for words about the loss of our Sweet Debra! This has been a really rough year for me and now to have lost yet another of my dear friends. She was such an inspiration to me. She was one of the first on this site to give me support! She always seemed so up beat. I will miss her very much! Thank You Jim for giving us the News! Lorrie

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I also feel a deep loss with Debra's passing. I have known her here for many years, and she has contributed incredibly to the spirit of this community. She added great wisdom and...grace.

-Dr. West

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I feel so sad having just read of Debra's passing.

Every few months I have come back to read and always checked first for "doubletrouble's" posts. When I first saw her name in 2011 I thought to myself with a post name like "doubletrouble" she must be a rather spirited determined person. She was so free sharing her journey---with the info she gave to all here. She is truly missed.

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Hi Anne,

I'm so sorry you had to come back to this. Debra is so horribly missed, I think of her often. Like you the first time I saw her name I was hopeful she had the spirit to back up her name and boy did she! I hope you are having very good days and that you have shoulders on which to rest when needed.

Hope you are well.