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BAC lung cancer, heart disease and HLL, which treatment first? - 1273488

I would really appreciate if could advise me about the complicated health situation that my dad is going through. I come from a country where medical care still hasn’t achieved high level as in your country. Therefore, I would really appreciate if you give me your opinion.
In 2009 my Dad was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia (HLL) which is in remission now for the last 7 years. Because the disease is not progressing or bothersome symptoms appear, there is no treatment to him, which is a good thing.
Two mounts ago, my dad was diagnosed with a heart disease. He needs to go under a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). Meanwhile, also a “shadow” was found on his right lung.
A 21x30mm nodule was found on the right lower lung. CT, bronchoscopy and biopsy confirmed it's about pure Bronchioloalveolar cancer (BAC). He has no metastasis on other parts of the organs.

My question is , which health issue (BAC cancer or the CABG)should be treated first ?Do you advice Cyber knife ( Gamma Knife) for this kind of cancer and the overall health condition in which is my dad?

Thank You in advance for Your answer!
Best Regards,

Hi Alexandra,

Hi Alexandra,

I'm very sorry your dad is having these difficulties. It's really difficult for us to say what is most urgent. Since the cancer is pure BAC it means that the cancer may be very slow growing and won't pose a problem anytime soon or maybe it will never cause problems. On the other hand BAC can grow fast.

If the cancer is not growing quickly the cancer is likely not your dad's most urgent problem but that is something that only his doctors can tell.

I hope he does well,