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Opdivo and Yervoy trial - 1294275

Stage lV Adenocarcinoma with Efgr and 80% pdl1

Had 5 radiation treatments to lung prior to start of trial. Received 4 treatments of drugs opdivo and Yervoy for trial and latest CT of chest results were:
Worsening interlobular septal thickening and nodularity.
Suprahilar right upper lobe mass is no longer definitively visualized but there are new
increased areas of consolidation in the central aspect of the right middle lobe and right
lower lobe demonstrating mass effect on the right lower lobe bronchus.
Any suggestions of what is going on with treatment working or not? Dr wants a bronchoscope done to check things out.
Very confused...

Hi cal4da31,

Hi cal4da31,

Welcome to GRACE. Although your own doctors would be in the best position to interpret your scan results, it appears that you may be having a "mixed response" to treatment, where some areas if cancer may be improving while others are growing. But the statements in the scan report don't clearly describe progression, which is why your doctor wants to investigate further.

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