Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy for stage 4 Lung cancer

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Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy for stage 4 Lung cancer

Hello my father has been on prembrolizumab/immunotherapy and switched to pemetrexed and cisplatin Chemotherapy for lung cancer. Has anyone had an experience doing immunotherapy first and then chemotherapy for stage 4 lung cancer?

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Hi PM,  Welcome to Grace. I'm

Hi PM,  

Welcome to Grace. I'm very sorry your dad has lung cancer.  It's pretty common for someone who has been on immunotherapy for stage IV NSCLC to move to a platinum chemo doublet next.  Often carboplatnum is used instead of cisplatin for stage IV. Cisplatin usually has more side effects without adding much benefit which is fine for a healthy person taking it for earlier stage curative intent. So if side effects get bad he can talk to his doc about changing to carbo.  After 4-6 cycles the platinum is dropped and alimta is continued.  Next, a clinical trial might be an option.  Please check out our video library on YouTube. 


I hope he does very well for a long time,