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Hi I was watching Bhisham chera on YouTube about HPV and living on formites well I have to sets of clippers and I mistakenly cut my kids hair with the ones for down stairs and it's been driving me crazy is it possible to pass a infection of HPV to both my boys? I know this a weird question please help


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Hi tony-tone, welcome! I'm sorry for your worry. We can't provide info on the possibilities of infection this way though you would have had to shave their heads to the skin for any reasonably possible infection.  And still we don't know if that could happen.  The studies are new and without conclusive evidence other than more research needs to be done before we understand what's going on. The research does show that hpv can live outside the body for "days".  What's known for sure is that it typically takes more than casual contact to contract hpv such as oral, anal, or vaginal sex or sustained skin to skin contact, or deep kissing.  Other than that are hypotheses on which more research will be conducted.  This is a link to CDC's vaccine schedule starting at age 9 for future reference because we all need one less thing to worry about. 


With all that said, even if you know you have hpv the odds are small that you've passed it on and even smaller that it will affect your sons or their partners.

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...btw, your name reminds me of tommy tune, any relation? cause he is fabulous!

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