Oscicent vs tagrix

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Oscicent vs tagrix

Is there any update on efficacy of osicent versus tagrix please? Cost is a issue and wanted to know if one is more effective than the other as erlotinib isnt working and lung cancer has widespread brain metastatis.any info will be valuable please.

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Oscicent vs tagrix

Hello Hem,


Welcome to GRACE. Your question is one which will unfortunately never have a clear answer. The only way to know whether the drugs are equally effective is to test them head-to-head in a clinical trial, and that won't happen because no one will pay for it. All that is left is anecdotal evidence from those who have used it, which seems positive, although that's not definitive. In a previous thread, a GRACE member reported that:


"There is also another generic osimertinib from Bangladesh named Osicent that seems to be also identical with Tagrisso and Tagrix. Some people in the "EGFR Resisters" facebook group took original and generic pills to laboratories for analysis and the result was they were the same.

There is a guy in the same group who reports complete response on Osicent. You can go to "EGFR resisters" facebook group and search for Osicent. Osicent is half of the price of Tagrix."


As with any generic, it's probably more a question of quality control.


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About Osicent and Tagrix Efficiency

Hello Hem,

Osicent and Tagrix used the same ingredient Osimertinib to produce the medicine. So there is no different on the uses of ingredient. The only different between  Osicent and Tagrix is that Tagrix manufacturer maintain it's manufacturing quality. I mean they have better production enviroment. They use different Production facility for Tagrix. Where Osicent manufacturer not follow those steps. it is something like 9/10 and 8/10. And I also have seen that both kind of medicine buyer are satisifed with those version. I hope you understand now.