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1 cm lung nodule listed as "suspicious" - 1261706

I had a ct scan done in oct 2013 and have small Un calcified lung nodules, plural and parenchymal thickening along with fibrotic changes and atelectasis. My pulmonologist wanted to wait 6 months to rescan saying all the changes were from smoking. My primary addressed my concerns and scanned me fri and results came back on wed stating a 1 cm suspicious lung nodule recommending a biopsy. Biopsy is tomorrow morning. My concerns are the quickness of the biopsy.....do I have reason to be concerned? I have been having breathing issues since jan 2013 and fatigued. I'm only 37. Everything I pull up with nodules 1 cm and larger state cancer. I'm assuming that the suspicious part wouldn't be just the size but the shape that they refused to put into the report? Please help!!

Dr West
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The fact that there's a difference in the recommendations from your doctors speaks to the lack of consensus and potential ambiguity of interpreting the significance of a nodule. If it's solid and is spiculated (has little projections from its edges), those features suggest a higher probability of cancer. A smoothly marginated nodule is more likely to be benign. It could also potentially be inflammatory or infectious. Removing it will obviously provide a definitive answer but requires an invasive procedure, and the alternative is to follow it to see if it grows over time or not.

In the end, much depends on the individual, specific features of the cancer and the person, so we need to defer to the judgment of the people actually looking at the lesion and who have the details of your case.

Good luck.

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This new nodule of 1 cm has appeared since oct. Isn't that a fast growth?

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Not necessarily. A person can have infection or inflammation without having symptoms. Dr. West addressed your concerns as well as is possible without being directly involved in your treatment. There's just no way we can say whether someone should be more or less concerned both practically and legally. We have a forum full of questions like yours that may help shed light on your concerns, http://cancergrace.org/forum/lung-thoracic-cancer/work-up-staging-of-lun...

I hope your nodule fades away within the next month or so.