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2nd Lobectomy Recommendation - 1290067

I have some questions and would love to hear ya’ll thoughts, experience and opinions
Here is a short/basic timeline on my lung cancer journey so far …
Sept 2015 - DX Adenocarcinoma Stage 1b
Nov 2015 - Upper R Lobe Removal / 14 Lymph nodes removed & tested, followed by aggressive chemo Weekly for 10 treatments of Cisplatin and Navelbine
Nov 2016 – spot on left lung measuring 5X7
Jan 2017 – spot on left lung now 8X10 mm
I saw my thoracic surgeon last week and like I thought he wants to do surgery ASAP, if cancer he will remove left upper lobe. I only have my previous experience to compare, seems like a repeat of what I have been through, surgery then chemo . My experience with the lobectomy followed by chemo is one that I honestly don’t know that I can do again. I was out of work 6 months, it took I would guess about a year to reach my new normal. My new normal has left me with some ongoing things. With that being said … I am just at a complete loss on what I will be facing & my mind spinning out of control --- Does anyone know of other options I may have? Thoughts, suggestions ???? Thank ya’ll in advance for any words ya’ll may have ---

Hi Geri,

Hi Geri,

Welcome to GRACE. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis and the latest findings. I think in this situation there are several important questions that affect the lobectomy decision. The first is whether the left lung nodule has been confirmed to be cancer. In the context of an existing cancer diagnosis, of course, the assumption would be that it is, but if a biopsy is possible, that might help avoid the risks of a significant surgery.

If the left lung nodule is cancerous, there is the question of whether it is the same cancer as that in the right lung, or an independant, new cancer. If it's a new cancer, then it may be at an early stage for which surgery would be a leading treatment option. If it's the same cancer, its presence in both lungs would make it advanced lung cancer, for which surgery would usually not be recommended, with systemic therapy such as chemotherapy being preferred.

You may want to discuss these issues with your medical team, and perhaps a second opinion might be in order.

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Hi Geri,

Hi Geri,

Welcome to Grace. I'm so sorry that your cancer may have returned. I have a few thoughts about what you've written.
First of al it's very possible this isn't cancer but an infection or inflammation of some kind. If this is cancer is this a recurrence or a new cancer? If it's a new cancer it could be treated with surgery or radiation. Since it was only a year since previous treatment if this is cancer it's likely to be a recurrence. With that said if a lung cancer metastasizes from one lung to another it would be considered metastatic. Metastatic cancer is treatable but most often not curable and surgery wouldn't add to longevity. With that in mind a second opinion from a surgeon who only does lung cancer surgery is in order. They are easily found in major teaching/research hospitals that has a lung cancer specialty. Even if one is sure a resection is best it should be done by this type of surgeon, known as a dedicated thoracic surgeon (not to be confused with a cardiothoracic surgeon). This link is to an excellent post on 2nd opinions and all the great reasons why it's rarely a bad idea to get one. http://cancergrace.org/cancer-101/2011/11/13/an-insiders-guide-to-the-se...

I really hope this isn't cancer.
All best,

And seeing a medical and

And seeing a medical and radiation oncologist should also be done. The thoracic surgeon is not usually the one who follows you especially if you've had chemo. What are they saying?
Take care, Judy