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Acquired Resistance Patient Forum October 2015 - 1271664

Hi there, will videos or transcripts of the Forum presentations and break outs be published on the website, I live in the UK so unfortunately am not able to attend any of the forums, thank you, Alicia.

Hi Alicia, so good to hear

Hi Alicia, so good to hear from you. Yes the video will be available soon. I'll ask Denise or someone else who has a guess on the timeline.

I hope you are doing well :)

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Thanks Janine and Alicia.

Thanks Janine and Alicia.
For the next month we will be concentrating on Lung Cancer Awareness Month and exciting clinical trial videos. We have so much great info right now and it is a race to get all the videos edited, and ready for viewing. For the Acquired Resistance forum videos, possibly December, but from the number of videos I see in line, it might be later than that. I will try to post again when we have a specific target date for the AR videos to post.

We are filming more great videos this Saturday at the Immunotherapy Forum .... So keep on checking on us. There is so much exciting information for us to share with our GRACE community!

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