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Hi, I have the issue concerning my dad. He has been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Lung with brain Mets on July 24th 2014. This was only when he felt he has lost control of his right index finger. Within a week, unfortunately he felt paralysis of his right hand and in next couple of days his upper right and lower limbs paralysed. Its such a painful moment to confront your dad when he is lying on a bed, quietly or sleeping from the effects of high dose medicines.Currently he is on Ernotinib and anti-convulsion medics along with some steroids. He finished his last (10th dose) of radiation on 23rd of August 2014.
He has never smoked and it is highly likely that he may turn out to be EGFR positive (result awaited with Tata Memorial hospital in Mumbai, India). Would appreciate if I be guided about the following;-
1) Is his paralysis temporary? Will it go? he is currently seeking a physio's help upon advice from the doc.
2) What is the life expectancy of my father.
Kindly substantiate your answers with some authentic reference, if possible or your professional/ personal experience.

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Hi Safad, Welcome to Grace. I'm very sorry your dad is suffering with cancer and everything that goes along with it. It sounds like he's getting good care. I think Grace will be an excellent place for you to get answers you need. Real answers from the experts is why I've stuck around so closely. If I find I can't provide reference to answers I contact an oncologist specialist to provide it personally. In this case I'll ask a doc to comment.

I hope your dad recovers from the paralysis and is able to knock back the cancer for a long time. I do think it's very possible.

Many kind hopes,

Edit to say, Here's a blog post from our Grace vice president/nsclc specialists Dr. Jared Weiss. It contains tons of useful info and links to other blog posts.

Dr Sanborn

Hello Sajad--

I am sorry to hear about your father. It is indeed very hard to see a parent or anyone you love in such a situation.

It is very difficult to know whether or not his paralysis will improve, or how much it may. The fact that it developed quickly, and his treatment was started quickly after his symptoms started, can improve the chances that it will get better. Just like with people who have had a stroke, the longer the symptoms are present before an intervention, the lower the chances that there will be full recovery, but early intervention improves recovery chances. Many people with neurologic symptoms from brain metastases will have at least some improvement of their symptoms, but it can be difficult to guess how much. His doctors, who have the specific knowledge about his situation, will be able to provide a more complete estimate for him.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide information about his life expectancy. Estimates of this really depend on the results of the mutation analysis testing, as well as on the extent of his disease and his overall health situation otherwise. His physicians will be the ones to be able to give these details for his individual case.

I am sorry that I cannot provide better and more specific answers, but these are questions that his physicians will be able to answer better. I wish him (and you) the best as he works to recover, and I indeed hope that a mutation is identified!

Take care--

Dr. Sanborn


Thanks indeed Dr. Sanborn and forum moderator for your time in replying to my queries. This is really such a great place to be in to have indepth knowledge about this dreadful disease.
Your kind, philantropic efforts are very much appreciated.
Kind Regards,