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Tue, 02/19/2013 - 17:45

The doctor didn't tell when we asked if there are any metastases , is it possible he couldn't see them? he prescribed chemo once a week and 5 times a week radiation for 6 weeks.
Is it true it is better to avoid sugar when diagnosed with cancer?

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Unfortunately it is possible that there are micro metastases that can't be picked up by today's methods. However concurrent chemo and radiation can very possibly cure you of the cancer. I so much hope it does.

On a positive note there is no evidence that sugar causes problems in someone with cancer. As a matter of fact we have a faculty member or 2 that believes sugar goes a long way in soothing raw nerves.

Much luck with treatment,
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Dr West

When chemo and radiation have been prescribed for this setting, it would be presumed that there was no visible evidence of metastatic spread.

Janine's quite right in summarizing that there's no meaningful, consistent evidence that people who avoid sugar do better against cancer than people who have sugar in their diet. It's a common statement, but it's not one that is said by just about any cancer expert.

-Dr. West

dr. weiss

The combination of chemotherapy and radiation is typically only used when there is some chance at cure (no mets). Indeed, by definition, stage 3B (we usually write it IIIB) has a small, but real chance at cure.

Not only is there no data that avoidance of sugar will not make a lung cancer patient live longer, there's actually some data in the other direction. Our best data on nutrition in lung cancer is that loosing weight is bad--sugar restriction seems like a good way to loose weight.