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VATS Surgery - 1253991

I was recently told by my surgeon that since I already had VATS surgery. If I need another surgery it would be open thoratic surgery. Why? Hopefully I won't need surgery but if I should in the future I would like clarification on this please.


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Hi Cathy, Welcome to Grace. I'm very sorry you have reason to worry about a chance of another surgery.
There may be a reason for your surgeon having said that but without any information about your situation there's no way to guess what your surgeon is thinking.
One of our faculty may be able to give some input on your situation if you ask your surgeon why then give us a brief setup and explanation.

Please let us know more background and your surgeon's explanation. I hope there's no need for another surgery in the future,
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1a adeno lrl removed 09/10/2009. Area on CT looked suspicious in lul same side as original . PET only another area at 1.3 Area DR was concerned about didn't even lite at that SUV. He said if surgery was necessary it would be open thoractic. That I couldn't have another VATS surgery b/c of scar tissue. So far surgery is not necessary but I was a little unraveled to hear that if necessary it would not be VATS.


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I suspect that the reason is that scarring after prior surgery would likely make it very difficult to do another minimally invasive surgery. I'll try to see if I can get a thoracic surgeon's view on this, and it may be that some lung surgeons would consider it feasible to do a second VATS on the same "hemithorax" (side of the chest containing one lung) that had surgery previously, but I believe that this makes it a much more complicated process, and likely one that would make it far less safe to do a minimally invasive surgery now.

Good luck.

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