Afatanib and T790m - 1269456

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Afatanib and T790m - 1269456

After three months off of treatment I've progressed very slightly and will be going back on some sort of treatment. The options at the present time are Afatanib at half-dose or back on Alimta/Avastin or Alimta maintenance. I had a year of first line treatment with Tarceva and progressed and presented T790M mutation. I then went on Clovis and progressed there. Then on to chemo.

So I'm wondering if anyone else has gone from Tarceva to Afatanib and if so, with the T790M mutation. I don't want to assume that the resistance created to Tarceva by T790M isn't applicable with Afatanib.

I'm also curious as to the degree of SE's with Afatanib. I hated Tarceva and couldn't wait to get off but I've heard both sides on Afatanib.



Hi Mike,

Hi Mike,

I'm sorry you've progressed and must look further. There was an "Acquired Resistance Patient Forum" a few months back that we have videos of. I think you would get a lot out of them. Note that some are specific to ALK mutation that won't apply to you,

Let me know if you've seen them or If you have any new questions after you look them over and I'll ask a doctor to comment.

All best,