CT scan and bronchoscopy

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CT scan and bronchoscopy


I have had a CT scan showing no abnormalities followed by a bronchoscopy which was normal. These tests were following episodes of haemoptysis and I also have pain and some other symptoms.

Could anyone please advise the likelihood of a lung tumour being missed by the scan and the scope? I am terrified the ct missed it and I don't know how often this can happen.

I am to have an MRI on my spine but the respiratory team have discharged me as they didn't find anything

Any advice or comments appreciated


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Hi Andrea, I'm sorry you're

Hi Andrea,


I'm sorry you're still having these issues.  I can't tell you any more than what I've said before.  A chest CT will pick up a tumor long before it causes symptoms.  Coughing up blood has many causes, lung cancer isn't that high on the list of possible causes.  I know this is a difficult time to feel sick and I'm so sorry I can't be of more help. 


I hope you are better soon,