EGFR pos and diagnosed with pancreatic ductal dilatation today - 1272654

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 17:51

After having taken Tarceva for one year with some success I might now have to move to the next treatment down the line since progression ( lung , brain ) is getting more pronounced.

I do have a relatively unrelated question though.
My latest Ct scan showed a new minimal pancreatic ductal dilatation in the body and neck measuring 3mm.
No pancreatic mass identified .
The radiologist added that this is of questionable significance.

Does his statement mean that the lung cancer will have killed me long before the pancreas will become an issue?
I did read that ductal dilatation means high risk for developing pancreatic cancer down the line, and assume this would be a new primary?


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Hi kempten,

Although as you say this finding may indicate a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer, usually a radiologist's comments relate more to interpretation of what the scan shows, rather than the kind of "big picture" observation you suggest.

To get an idea of what the finding may represent, a conversation with your oncologist would be in order.

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