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Mom's Dx and what to expect-Stage IV NSCLC Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma - 1272655

I'm a RN that's mother has just been recently diagnosed in 11/2015 Stage IV NSCLC. I have since relocated her from Louisiana to Florida and have received conflicting prognosis data from her Louisiana oncologist and her current Florida oncologist and just don't know what to expect. Here is her current info, if anyone has a similar situation, I would love to hear from you.
-Rt anterior cervical lymph node involvement
-EGGR negative ALK negative along with following masses:
-inoperable and radiation not recommended
-multiple Rt lateral trachea, largest 2cm
-pretracheal 3.5cm
-retrocaval 4.0cm
-subcarinal 4.5cm
-left hilar 2.5cm
-posterior left mid lung 3.5 X 3.2cm
-Rt lower lung 12mm
-posterior left lower lung 6mm
-medial left upper lung 6mm
-posterior left upper lung 15mm
-Rt mid lung 5mm
Mild-moderate pericardial effusion.

We just started chemo cycles of carbo/Alimta. My mom is wondering with all the lesions and chemo only being palliative, is it worth it and will it make a difference. One oncologist said don't do chemo, one recommended it. She's really confused as am I the more I read.

Hi hford,

Hi hford,

Welcome to GRACE. I'm sorry to hear of your Mom's diagnosis and I understand the uncertainty and worry this is causing.

The term "palliative" is used only because stage IV is not considered curable, but treatment has two goals - to ectend life and improve its quality. Many stage IV patients are faring much better than in the past, and just in the past few years many new therapies have been developed.

You will have a better idea of her prognosis when the effect of her chemo is evaluated, but even if she doesn't respond particularly well, there will be other treatments to try.

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