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As far as I know, Ezra was not a Gracer, but he was a popular cancer blogger - - http://www.teachingcancertocry.com/ - - who touched the lives of many (including myself) with his raw and unapologetic honesty about his cancer journey. Ezra passed away on May 24, 2014. Rest well, Dear Ezra.


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I stumbled across Ezra's bog about a year ago, and sat up reading what had been written to date. There are lots of blogs, and lots of extraordinary stories, but his was one of the tops. What he went through, what he did, was inspirational, and often, when I was feeling sorry for myself, I would remember Ezra.

If you haven't read his story I encourage you to do so. One in a million.


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I think so too, Gail. I actually purchased one of his prints. He sent it to me personally with a note, and I have it displayed in my home-office bookcase. :O( I hate cancer!