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Wed, 01/10/2018 - 05:57


I was sick recently and I think that was flu. I took care of my dad up until the day I felt very sick. I am afraid I may pass the flu virus to him. He is now coughing a lot (other symptoms are slight high body temperature 98.9F sometimes, chest congestion with mucus). I called his PCP. She prescribe tamiflu and azithromycin.

I would like to know if it is okay to take tamiflu and azithromycin as prevention. While on chemo. He is going to have chemo tomorrow and continue for three days.


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Hi Kkh,

I'm sorry your dad is feeling bad. It's important to let his oncologist know of new or worsening symptoms and let her/him make decisions of what drugs to mix while on chemotherapy.

It's more normal to take a flu and pneumonia vaccine as preventative measures. Oncologists often recommend these to their patients who are or will be on chemotherapy. Tamiflu is given to those who have flu and sometimes as a prophylactic. There are drug interactions and your dad's oncologist would need to make the decision on whether to give chemo while on tamiflu.
Azithromycin is an antibiotic with many drug interactions. It is sometimes used as a prophylactic but too would need to be OK'd by his oncologist before taking chemotherapy.

I hope he is feeling better soon.

BTW, I wonder what clinical trials may be available to him (as a next option) given his genomic testing. For example MET inhibitors are looking very good for some MET Amp people with nsclc. If you've not seen the coverage here is a link to some of the presentations given at the recent targeted therapy conference in Cleveland.

All best,