Hilar Lymph Node - 1272526

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Hilar Lymph Node - 1272526

87 year old female with previous lung cancer removed in 2010, all clear.
Pet scan shows stage 4 cancer now in Hilar Lymph Node, Spine and Pelvis and multiple areas on bone.
With no chemo or treatment, what is the average life expectancy? Patient is in pretty
good health for her age, only taking Tylenol for pain.



I'm very sorry to know about this disease. It's really difficult to know how long a person may live and doctors proclaim they are the worst at guessing. Without anticancer treatment the average expectancy is measured in months or a year or so but everyone has an individual biology to their cancer.

It may be worth noting that if she has tissue to test a mutation may be found that allows for anticancer treatment with a pill allowing her to not have IV treatments or so many visits to the cancer center.

If she decides on no anticancer treatment then hospice is the expert at keeping people very comfortable especially if brought into her home at an early stage before suffering is an issue.

Any of these options are appropriate and an important decision for the person with cancer to have.

I hope for the best,