Horner's Syndrome and Pancoast Syndrome - 1294175

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Horner's Syndrome and Pancoast Syndrome - 1294175

I am an 18 year old female with Horner's syndrome. I was first told I had this when I was 14 but when I had CAT, MRI, and X-ray tests done, nothing was found. The first symptoms had shown February 7th, 2014 and that's when I had the tests done. After a few months my eye went back to almost normal but my right side of the face was still slightly visibly droopier.
Exactly 4 years later on February 7th, 2018, my eye went back to being dramatically droopier. I did not go to get any tests done but just watched to see if anything else happened. I lost 10 pounds in a week where I had a loss of appetite and nausea at the thought of food. I am usually 115 pounds but I haven't gained more than 5 pounds after I had lost my 10 pounds (Now I'm 110). My appetite has not gone back to normal but I do eat more regularly with occasional nausea. My eye is still currently droopy and the pupil smaller than my regular left eye.

I also have always had pain in my middle and ring finger on and off (right arm) with and without the Honer's syndrome symptoms showing. Recently the pain in my finger has gone to my radius/ulnar part of the arm and then I felt it in my scapula w/ slight neck. It's not unbearable pain but it's painful and uncomfortable and I don't always stay in pain. I also experienced arm muscle spasms today. I searched up these pains with horner's syndrome and saw Pancoast syndrome. I don't have any family or friends that smoke so I don't know why I would have lunch cancer but I never found the smoke of cigarettes to smell bad when I did pass by someone smoking and didn't try keeping that smoke-air from entering my lungs. I doubt that little of smoke would cause cancer though.

Is there anything that could be causing the pain in my arm and scapula besides Pancoast and should I get this checked out? Right now I can't afford all these medical tests and I don't have insurance either so Im reluctant in having tests unless I know my life is at risk. Thank you