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Lung cancer - 1294881

I have lung cancer, stage 4.Fluid was removed from my right lung and my left lung was sealed,
I was still very breathless and it was discovered I had blood clots in both lungs.
Was put on heparin drip for 2 days now I give myself 2 lovenox injections a day.
Breathing is better, but still breathless and very tired, cannot walk a short distance without getting winded.
I have been on Tagrisso for 4weeks.
Why is this so?

Hi sweeyu,

Hi sweeyu,

Welcome to Grace. I'm so sorry about you're diagnosis and having these problems. Unfortunately blood clots aren't unusual in people with lung cancer and once you've had them your oncologist will keep you on heparin.
The best way to fix the problem of fluid is systemic treatment like tagrisso or chemo which will in turn help with breathing. Keep your onc posted on any new or worsening symptoms.

Hopefully these breathing and clotting issues are just bumps in the road and will be gone soon.
All best,

How long ago were the blood

How long ago were the blood clots discovered? Could be the clots haven't cleared yet. Just my opinion.
Take care,Judy