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Question: Does anyone know of emerging research or clinical trials being done with ARID1A mutation for lung cancer here in US?

History: I am stage IV lung cancer (non small cell lung cancer) with brain metastases. I was diagnosed August 2015 stage 3 (right lung)---non-smoker, age 49 at diagnosis; treated with cistoplatin/etoposide 2 cycles and and 33 concurrent radiation treatments to lung and mediastinum.. NED in lung since December 2015. Two (2) episodes (June 2017 and March 2018) of brain mets in occipital lobe both treated with surgery and subsequent Cyberknife.

I have pulmonary fibrosis secondary to Sjogrens syndrome. Thus, I am unable to to benefit from use of immunotherapy. My molecular testing results were positive for: ARID1A, KMT2C, NKX2-1, NOTCH2, XRCC2.

I have conducted searches and conducted a few researchers. But there doesn't seem to much on the horizon for ARID1A in relation to lung cancer. Did anythong come out of recent (2018) ASCO meeting?

P.S. This is my first time posting. Hope I did it correctly.

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Dear saiwoman2. I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. Glad you have posted, welcome to the community, but I am so very sorry for the circumstances. I know that everyone here has been so beneficial to my wife and I during these last few years.

I haven't been following the ASCO meetings, so I can't respond to anything coming out of that, but as a cell biologist I did want to respond just a bit about your mutations.

Looking up your set of mutations, I would probably say that your NOTCH2 mutation may be the more likely of the mutations to be driving your cancer, as there are a large number of NOTCH related cancers, and it is a gene that helps regulate the ability of cells to control when they divide. However, more is known about the effects of NOTCH1 (a similar mutation) than NOTCH2.

In my quick look, I only found one trial study currently recruiting for patients with a NOTCH mutation, which can be found here:…

Unfortunately the trial is currently only being carried out in Spain, Netherlands, and Switzerland through Cellestia Biotech. You might want to ask your oncologist if they can find out if there are any plans to offer this trial in the US.

Sending thoughts of health and healing,


Hi saiwoman2,

Welcome to GRACE. I checked the abstract titles for lung cancer at ASCO 2018 and saw nothing that seemed to relate to research in lung cancer and ARID1A. Unfortunately, at this point molecular testing is quite a bit ahead of the development of therapies to target those mutations, and the process of creating those therapies can be lengthy.

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Thanks Jim for the information. I will look into more info on the NOTCH mutation.