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new and very scared. carcinoid question - 1273040

Hi. This last week I have been thrown into a nightmare. Cardiac ctrl (heart fine) showed 9mm and 7mm nodules in upper branches of lungs. I have been told that they appear like carcinoid tumours, based on appearance and position. Carcinoid is so rare that I am scared they are trying to lead me in gently. Would a doctor ever lie like that to keep a patient calm? Thank you.
If I do have this I will be extra odd as I already have cervical myleomalacia from a possible bleed, resulting in ms like symptoms.

Hi Kim,

Hi Kim,
Welcome to Grace. I'm sorry you're finding yourself in this scarey position. I can safely say that at least in this situation your doctors aren't trying to pacify you. However it's not likely a doctor tell you a lie to risk hurting or scaring you. Not only is it unethical and illegal, but it's also most likely against any sensibilities they have. There will need to be more work up done to determine what is going on. Perhaps a wait and see period where they do another scan in 3 or so months. The only way to know for sure is to look at tissue under a microscope from a biopsy.

I hope it turns out to be nothing.
Best of luck,

Hi Janine, Thank you so much

Hi Janine, Thank you so much for your kind reply. I cried when I read it (so not brave). I am in the UK but all is probably similar when it comes to medical care for this beast. I am 59 and my husband is 54. We have 6 beloved cats. I am partly disabled withe cervical spine damage from a possible bleed. Even the early tests will be more difficult because of this. I am terribly unfit. You have calmed me a little because I obviously would prefer carcinoid (lesser of evils), but lung cancer is common and carcinoid very rare. I have totally melted down with fear.
Thank you for taking time to write this sweet reply. Kim.

Kim, carcinoid isn't so rare

Kim, carcinoid isn't so rare anymore. There are specialist that deal with only carcinoid tumors. There are different types of carcinoids. Here is a link to those located in the UK. Good luck!
Take care, Judy

Hi Judy, I typed a reply

Hi Judy, I typed a reply earlier but must have done something wrong on sending. That link is great. Thank you so much for taking time out to help me.I really hope I have this rather than the worse type but it still feels the less of two evils. Both these replies have made me feel less alone. I can tell this is a good community.