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i had nodules for years they had been watching them , then on jan27 went for my yearly cat scan thy said one of my nodules had grown and a new one appeared , protocal was to do another in 3 months which they did , i just got the call one had grew more , i have to have a pet scan then she wants a pulmanary function test done , i am so scared this was over the phone so many questions and no answers.. last i knew it was 8mm but i do not know what the last result was, am i gonna die or do i have a chance, i am so scared,,,

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Hi meme,


Welcome to Grace.  I'm sorry you have this big scare in front of you.  I don't know if those nodules were ever biopsied but it sounds like your doctor has a close eye on it, which is an excellent start.  They will probably want to biopsy one to know what is going on.   I wish I could say there's nothing to worry about but there really isn't any info here to say much.   I know that waiting is one of the hardest parts and I'm truly sorry to know that is exactly where you are.  A cancer diagnosis, if you have or get one isn't a death sentence.  Especially one that starts off as slowly as not doing anything for years.   That suggests a type of cancer that can often be kept in check kind of like a chronic illness. 


Keep us posted on how this proceeds and any questions moving forward.

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I joined GRACE as a caregiver for my husband who had a Pancoast tumor, NSCLC stage III in 2009. He had curative chemo/rads then it was believed he had a recurrence in the spine/oligometastasis that was radiated. He's 10 years out from treatment.