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laya d.

This question probably should be directed to Dr. Weiss. . .

A dear friend is suffering from metastatic adenocarcinoma of the salivary glands. She was diagnosed about 4 or 5 years ago and is post-surgery/post-radiation. She now has mets in the muscles of her neck, the skin on her neck and one left lung nodule close to her hilar lymph node. She has treated primarily with taxanes and also did xeloda after recurrence. She currently is having trouble swallowing, which has disqualified her from a particular Phase 2 trial at USC. I was wondering what other treatment options are available for a Stage 4 patient suffering from adenocarcinma of the salivary gland?



dr. weiss
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Adenocarcinoma is one of the most aggressive cancers that can originate from the salivary glands and it is not well studied. In addition to taxol and xeloda, there are a few other chemo drugs that can work--CAP (cytoxan, adriamycin and cisplatin) and cisplatin/gemzar are sometimes used. Additionally, there are a variety of targeted therapies and hormonal agents that sometimes stabilize disease in salivary tumors. As you mentioned, clinical trials are always an option; most don't exclude patients because of difficulty swallowing.