Our New Search Function Is AWESOME! - 1242123

Sat, 02/25/2012 - 10:07

OK. . .for those of you who haven't tried the search function yet. . .PLEASE DO (even just for fun)! It is absolutely SPOT ON! Just go to the very top of the screen, put in your key words (just like what you would do if you were doing a Google seach), and hit search. The more detail (descriptive words), the better and narrower your search results will be. . .

I have had absolutely zero trouble finding the exact information I have been looking for. . .Just yesterday, I put in "waterfall plot," "ALK" and "crizotinib" and got to the exact posts I wanted (where the docs had shared the results of some studies re ALK patients on crizotinib trials on a waterfall plot). So, please try it. . .You'll love it!


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