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Sat, 03/26/2016 - 12:01

Grandma(mom side) passed of pancreatic cancer,age 64, history of chronic pancreatitis& breast cancer, both in nipples

Stomach troubles since teenage years (esophagatitis, heartburn), 34 now
Diarrhea on&off since early 20s
Tumor-benign (2005) removed-connected to uterus and bladder
2011 began severe left sided stroke like symptoms roughly 3mo apart, lasting 3-8 weeks of headache, muscle ache and weakness, diagnosis has changed multiple time in last 3 years (Bell's palsy, artery problems, Migraines, hemiplegiac migranines and conversion disorder
2015 lost sight in left eye (after an attack of above mentioned) for over month before it suddenly returned one morning upon waking up
Since January; generally feeling fatigued, sick, excessive heartburn &diarrhea along w/ all over body aches
3 months ago: sick w/bad cold, treated w/two rounds of penicillin
3 weeks ago: still have cold, stomach queasiness 3 days prior to sudden onset sever upper abdominal&back pain lasting 3 days prior to extending around the left side of abdomen
Monday: abdominal ultrasound revealed need of pancreatic protocol
Thursday: CT revealed 2.3x1.9 noninflammatory low density cyst in tail of pancreas, enlarged liver called Hepatomegaly suggested reidle's lobe; recommended 6 month CT follow up
My PC: referred immediate (2 week, soonest) follow up w/ a gastroenterologist due to symptoms presented, health history and family cancer history

I cannot find any information online in regards to the link between the enlarged liver and the pancreatic cyst
Can you help link me to any information in regards to these findings? I have no idea where to begin, I can find both separately but nothing linking the connections other than pancreatic cancer.

Please and thank you

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Welcome to GRACE. Although a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer metastatic to the liver is a possible explanation for your findings, speculating about your scan findings and the cause of your symptoms is beyond the scope of this website. GRACE provides information on issues related to treatment of diagnosed cancers, and at this point you are in the early stages of workup on your findings, for which cancer is only one possible diagnosis.

I hope that your consultation with the gastroenterologist is informative and puts you on a path to understanding and resolving these issues. Since this appears to be a complex situation, at some point it may be advisable to obtain a second opinion, either to confirm a diagnosis or treatment plan, or help resolve any issues which remain ambiguous. Ideally, such a second opinion would best come from a teaching cancer center affiliated with a major medical school.

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I only asked where I might find more information in regards to the link between the two. Thanks for telling in a nonchalant way that you can't help me.


Roy Masters who has a radio program says that cancer is a loss of spiritual life from one to another, by psychic vampires
He has a meditation exercise that can arrest this process, so what to lose?
Foundation of Human Understanding is the website