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Quick Question - 1272437

Just a quick question and thank everyone on this site for being providing this resource, to try and be as concise as possible. I'm a 36 year old male, smoked pot pretty heavy for 4-5 years, smoked cigarettes for 2. Went to ER 6 years ago (I was 30) for what I thought were heart attack symptoms. Was given a scan to check for blood clots in the lung and they found a solitary pulmonary nodule which they seemed totally unconcerned with.

Fast forward 6 years.

Generally healthy, recently went for my first physical since I was in college (two weeks ago). Doctor was an internist and cardiologist. Went in because I have been having some dull pains on upper left side on top of breast and under rib. Not much pain, just very annoying. Mentioned the nodule to my doctor and she said that I'd be dead if that were anything to worry about. She listened to my lungs, said it sounded all clear, we did blood, nothing registered there (although I do have slightly high cholesterol) and we agreed that the if the pain kept up, we'd re-investigate in a few months.

I guess my question is this, I have no trouble breathing, the pain is not related to me taking any sort of deep breath, no shortness of breath, no weight loss, no appetite problems, I can't remember the last time that I've coughed. I've read that for a tumor to cause pain it would have to be pretty advanced, would it be possible or feasible for a tumor to be that advanced without causing any other symptoms other than some on and off left chest pain that probably happens 10x a day and really doesn't keep me from sleeping? I should also mention that I've always favored my left side and constantly laid on it for yeas.

If anyone could take the time to just let me know which direction I should head in it, I would much appreciate it. But I also understand if the doctors and moderators are too busy here with people who are already battling this horrible illness.

Thank you so much,

Key part of your post, "any

Key part of your post, "any other symptoms other than some on and off left chest pain." If it were cancer as your doctor said, you probably wouldn't be here now after 6 years. And cancer symptoms do not come and go. It sounds more like you have an orthopedic problem that should be checked out. A single pulmonary nodule does not mean cancer. If you're overly concerned then try seeing a pulmonary doctor. I was dx with stage III LC and no symptoms with two tumors.
Take care, Judy

I agree with Judy and your

I agree with Judy and your doctor. I hope you have a happy and healthy new year!