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A somewhat different one... - 1245992

I did read the post on second opinions...but I have some addtional questions.
to quickly refresh...they stopped during the throactonomy(sp?) ...1.9cm nodule; medtasinal involvement,
she is to have a MRI this upcoming week before an appt. /consultation with T.S. and oncologist this coming Thursday.
We are definitely attending this appointment. My issue/question is... does the facility/doctors from which one is seeking a second opinion will draw and give a full assessment based on the findings, test results, recent and overall medical history of my Mother and then possibly proceed with a treatment plan...or... will they also insist on running through the same normal battery of tests of their own?
I mean its obvious I just want the best for her if at all possible as quickly as possible. Sincerely and thank you again.

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dkm5859, Dr West already answered this question on another of your threads. He wrote:
"To address another big question, most places that do second opinions shouldn’t need to repeat the vast majority of tests. Sometimes a scan wasn’t done, sometimes a test wasn’t done the way they’d want it to be, or sometimes a long interval has past and it’s important to reassess whether things have changed. But in most cases, little or nothing new may need to be done to get either the reassurance that the first opinion was a good one, or else that a different approach may be a better alternative."
Maybe you could stick to one thread, as this is getting confusing.
You also asked about clinical trials at Johns Hopkins and UPenn. The answer is that yes, there are trials at both. If you go to www.clinicaltrials.gov and search for "NSCLC and Johns Hopkins", you'll see that 57 different trials come up. So there will definitely be options for your mother, should that be necessary. Best wishes.

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Update: They called and confirmed that her MRI is scheduled the same day as the T.S./oncologist appt. /consultation? Can they truly develop a full strategy w/o knowing the results of the MRI prior to the day of the apt./ consultation? They did state something that if the results were known a little prior to to start of the appt...the MRI is scheduled to start around 11:45am this coming Thursday and the appti/consultation is at 1:30pm? Is this possible are MRI results fully available within that small of time window? Thank you very much again and any input on the original post/topic above will be greatly appreciated! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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This situation is obviously worrying for you, but it sounds as if everything is in order and your mother is getting prompt attention. It is normal to do an MRI on diagnosis, and quite possible for it to be read quickly. The actual MRI only takes around 10-20 minutes. It will help the thoracic surgeon and the oncologist if they have it to hand - they will just want to know that it is clear.

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It is possible to get the results of the MRI within a few hours. I don't know whether they will develop a complete recommended plan or provide an interval assessment, perhaps some further contingencies, further discussion, etc.

-Dr. West

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