Squammous Cell Carcinoma - 1293965

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Squammous Cell Carcinoma - 1293965

My 67 year old wife was diagnosed with aggressive squamous cell carcinoma along her sciatic nerve. She had 20 radiation treatments in January 2017. Had an infection from biopsy that doctors could not get under control. Had surgery January January 2018 to remove scar tissue, infected area and removed further tissue along her sciatic nerve. Pathology report confirmed presence of cancer. We don't see her oncologist until March 13, 2018. We suspect they will tell us they cannot use radiation in same area. Unclear what our options are other than possible amputation of her leg. That is not an option we are prepared to take.
If further radiation is ruled out could intensity-modulated proton therapy be used as a treatment for this cancer? She is in a great deal of pain and using methadone, gabapentin and a fast acting dilaudid, but the pain is not being effectively managed.
Thanks for your advice.
I Torry

Hi I Torry and welcome to

Hi I Torry and welcome to Grace. I’m so sorry to know about your wife’s cancer and pain management problems. Unfortunately we don’t have specific information on this type of cancer. An oncologist who specializes in the type of cancer your wife has will have access to the most up to date information on management. If her oncologist isn’t a specialist, an oncologist who does specialize in this cancer will be able to provide reference to material pertinent to her situation. One who specializes in cancer that infiltrates nerves will also be able to suggest the type of pain management that is likely to be best. A call to a specialist should be able to answer these general questions and her oncologist/cancer center should be able to answer to her specific needs especially pain management. A pain management specialist may be able to tailor a regimen specific to your wife's needs. A second opinion is always a good idea at transition times if she isn't already being seen by a specialist in the field at a large teaching/research hospital.

I hope she gets some relief soon.
All best,