Starting chemotherapy with hemoptysis?

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Starting chemotherapy with hemoptysis?

My mum was suggested chemotherapy as a next option after  a fast growth in a new lung area.  The oncologist who wants her to start on Carboplatin in a few days does not seem to be bothered by mums hemoptysis (blood in sputum). Is it OK to start carboplatin with hemoptysis?  does anyone know here ?  Carboplatin can lower platelets so I am rather concerned. 

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Hi Daxys, I just found your

Hi Daxys,


I just found your thread.  To keep spam at bay we've had to try several strategies.  This one has worked...well until now.  I've let admin know about it.  Have you had any other issues?  Please don't hesitate to let us know. 


Platlets can drop and still be ok enough to continue treatment.  Hemoptysis is common in lung cancer and shouldn't be the reason not to try a chemo doublet.  Her onc is the best person to make individualized treatment decisions but it's pretty common.  It will be important to watch for new or worsening symptoms and let her healthcare team know right away.  Did you read the other post about oligoprogression?  I don't know if your mom has still been taking TKIs but if so a local therapy might be a good option so she can remain on the TKI, saving the chemo for later.  


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Hi Janine, 

Thank you for your reply, it puts my mind a little more at ease.  Unfortunately mum could not start chemotherapy this week as her platelets are low for some reason. She tappered of prednison last week so this might have something to do with it. With low platelets the risk of bleeding is really high with her, so we need to wait. Btw . do you have any hints how to increase platelets ?  I have her take papaya leaf extract and shark liver oil capsules and hope they help, but Im not extremely optimistic. 

Unfortunately local therapy is not an option for my mum - she is having more of an overall progression in the lungs. I am trying to look for some kind of salvage therapy (repurposed drugs etc. ) 

Thank you for the link to another good Jack Wests video - I think more EGFR patients should listen to Jack West and shared the video on FB.

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You're preaching to the choir

You're preaching to the choir (a saying here in the southeast US meaning "I agree").  When my husband was diagnosed with stage III nsclc I found Grace and was all over the website and found great solace in learning from Dr. West and all the other oncs who contribute.  I was able to discuss treatment options with his oncologists.  Even if I didn't affect any change in his treatment for the better I felt I had some control because I had an understanding of what was happening.  Thanks for sharing the video with your FB group.


This link provides info on thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) in people with cancer.  There's no treatment that gives long term support to raising platelet counts. 

It may be worth talking to your mum's onc about single agent chemo like navelbine or gemcitabine.  They don't get a lot of attention but have a decent record of efficacy and good side effect profile.  It may just be a wait and see situation though.


BTW, the best way to search Grace is to use google like this, search term

That's no spaces until after .org.  That goes for any website search. 


I'm sorry your mum and you are going through this. 

All the best,