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Still Stable with Avastin - 1242793


It's been a while since I have posted. First want to say that the site is looking AWESOME! :-)
Had CT Scan Weds and am still "Stable". Still on Avastin low dose maintenance every 2 weeks. I am feeling better and stronger, more like my old self everyday. I still have problems with high blood pressure and am still on medicine for it.
I have been walking for about 45 mins to an hour 4-5 days a week and just joined the Y yesterday to expand my exercise regime. Diagnosed 8/2010 and finished chemo 1/2011. I am a former smoker.
I hope this spreads hope! Stay Strong everyone.

Dr West
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Congratulations to you, and thanks for offering such an encouraging example for everyone. Also, thanks for your kind words about the site. We're continuing to work on it.

-Dr. West

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