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Tagrisso trial - 1272772

Hello everyone
I was offered to participate in a trial combining Tagrisso with a C-MET inhibitor AZD6094 ( Savolitinib )
I read that C- MET inhibitors might prove to be very important in overcoming resistance.

The other choice is to just go on Tagrisso without an added chemo agent.
What have we learned about combining Tagrisso with other anti neoplastic agents recently and would you recommend this specific combination as a better choice than Tagrisso alone for me at this time.
I've been on Tarceva for 12 months and I'm experiencing progression in the primary lung tumor. I have stable brain mets.
Thanks for any enlightenment on this



I wish there was enlightenment here but that's the question isn't it? :) I think it would be safe to expect more side effects with the extra drugs. There,s a lot of hope that combos of treatments will be a way to hold off resistance but that's still too much of question to answer. Our faculty have discussed this topic several times. I can't point out one right now but they can be found in the video library under "acquired resistance".

I know that this seems like an all or nothing decision right now but I think you'll find your choice will be the right one.
Have a good evening.