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My Mom was diagnosed thymic carcinoma, (NSCLS stage 1). Now the right upper lobe was removed on 5 Feb 2013. Biopsy show there's not limpy node. PET CT show the same status. Surgeon suggested her don't need Chem and Rad. But he suggested Thymopentin treatment for half years. twice inject a week. But I doubt about it. Anyone can hep on this? Thank you!


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I'm not quite following your question, since thymic carcinoma isn't the same as NSCLC stage 1. Either way, I know of no established role for thymopentin in treating either thymic carcinoma or NSCLC.

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Thanks Dr, West. I'm always stupid in these medical terms. Apologized for my poor English since I'm from China. My Mom have NSCLC (adenocarcinoma of lung). Hope this time is right. Now I have another question here. Today I saw the Pathology Report. The report show my mom goes to NSCLC stage 2. The tumour 2.5 x 2.3 x 1.2cm.No limph node and bronchus node. But a little pleural adhesions. ( I'm not sure if you can understand). In this case, the Chemo or Rad is required?
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Don't worry about how good your english is. We'll work together to get your meaning.
You're right in that stage 2 nsclc receive chemo and possibly radiation after surgery. It raises the odds for a cure.
Below is a blog post that describes it. Note there are additional links at the end of the discussion for further reading.…
this link discusses radiation with adjuvant therapy,…

I hope this helps explain your mom's options,
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In general, neither chemotherapy nor radiation is recommended for people with a node-negative and smaller tumor. It's typical for 4 cm to be a threshold size we use for recommending chemotherapy after surgery, but there's some play in whether you'd recommend post-operative chemo based on higher or lower-risk features. I discuss this further in a video I just did:…

And here's a general summary of post-operative chemotherapy for early stage NSCLC:…

There is really no role for post-operative radiation except if there are mediastinal lymph nodes involved or if there is residual cancer at the surgical margins (tumor was left behind).

I hope that helps.

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