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Update on my husband nodule - 1288655

Hi, We went to see 2 thoracic surgeons over the last week. Both felt the nodule should be taken out rather than just biopsy for a number of reasons, (false negative, it is most likely cancer). So we decided to go with the surgeon at New York Presybertian on 68th Street and York Avenue. He has good reviews. My husbands lung functions were checked, he had another Pet Scan and EKG. Everything is set for Sept 28th. The surgeon thinks it might be an adenocarcinoma by it's presentation but won't know for sure till you get in there. He also thinks since it is small it will be a stage 1a. Hopefully my husband won't need chemo but if he does, he does. Just keep us in your prayers. I feel numb and shock that it is happening. I am busy trying to plan everything in the house so it is ready for my husband when he comes home. My husband is not talking much.

Thanks for letting me share. I will keep in touch.

Will keep you and your

Will keep you and your husband in our thoughts and prayers. May the surgery go well, and his healing be sure, and swift, and complete.

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Hi Ellen,

Hi Ellen,

I'm glad to hear there is a plan in place, I know how comforting that can be. I understand the stress you feel and the need you have in preparing for the upcoming surgery. I hope that if it is cancer that it is easily gotten and done with. I point I think very worth making is that those with cancer go through a great transition in their lives. While everyone deals differently all seem to involve a great deal of intense feeling of fear and shock. So it's not unusual that your husband is unusually quiet about the whole thing. In fact denial is often used a coping mechanism and can be of great help.

I'm so sorry y'all are going through this and hope your husband is cured with surgery. Keep us posted.

All best,